Cat#5 had an appointment with the vet this monrning.
When he went in for his innoculations the vet noticed something wrong with his breathing. We’ve only had him a few weeks and thought his snuffly breathing and drooling was a characteristic.

Today he was anaesthatised, had s nasal passages cleaned out and was x-rayed.

He has some king of severe infection in his nasal passage – there is evidence of trauma to his face and it is possible that the bone is infected.
We know that he was involved in a RTA before he went into rescue, so it is possible that was when the initial injury was sustained.

He is on heavy duty antibiotics and we are waiting for the results of his swab.
I haven’t got a picture of him – it was dark when we came home and as he is jet black he is very difficult to photograph.
We’re hoping to let him out at the weekend (he’s been living in the cattery so far as he wasn’t innoculated and we wanted him to get used to the other cats) so if the weather is fine I shall try and photograph him – he is a very handsome boy.

The ouch is a double one – ouch for poor Cat#5 who must have been in considerable pain for a long time (but still purrs and is a really friendly boy) and an ouch for my wallet as the treatment has cost £157 so far.


I guess it’s a good job I am trying to aiming for Frugal February as I shall need the money I have saved to pay the vet’s bill!

Hopefully my car should be ready tomorrow, that too will need paying for. Thank goodness I ordered my boots before all these bills started flooding in.


This morning there was a sprinkling of snow on the trees and in the hedgerows – not the white feathery blanket I was dreaming off.

I could life up mine eyes to the hills… which were shrouded in white

The sky was glorious – red, orange and golden.
It has been cold, but a crisp dry cold. Much better than yesterday


Today’s collection is nail varnish. When I collected it all together I realised I have enough to last for a while…


There are 2 colours I’m not too keen on – one is a wishy washy colour which I can use as a base, the other is a lovely colour but has a matt finish – I may use it on my toes.



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