Cat#3 is a beautiful golden cat.

He was found stuck in bushes trapped by his collar – he was very badly injured, his neck and two legs (trapped trying to free himself) required surgery.

No one claimed him. Mr S&G was at the vets with Cat#1 when Cat#3 chose him – as he walked past he poked his paw out of the crate to attract his attention

He came to live with us in June 2008. He was skinny, shaven, scared and scarred. Everytime a fly buzzed he would run and hide (his wounds were maggot infested when he was found)


He is a lovely cat – good natured and friendly.
He loves dogs – when we first had him he used to be delighted whenever VerySmallDog appeared and would often knock him over with his over exuberant greetings.

He’s a little bit wary of BigDog and SmallDog but they are learning to get along.

He patrols the garden and the local area – there are only 3 houses here and he visits each one on a regular basis to keep an eye on things.

He often sits on the windowsil outside watch us inside.

He is scared of the cat flap so will only enter the house through the door – he and Cat#1 are mortal enemies (Cat#1 is a mean boy and hates him coming into the house) Cat#3 gets on with all the other cats.


We are trying to teach him to use the catflap so everytime he comes in when he is ready to leave we post him out through the flap

Often when we are walking the dogs we will hear a miaow and he will be calling us from a hedgemank or fence top.

He has been bitten by a snake, and involved in several fights which have required urgent vet visits.The vets all love him, because they are so pleased he survived and also he has a lovely nature.

On one occasion he was in a fight and totally traumatised – he disappeared for 48 hours – we thought he had gone off to die and spent hours scouring the hedges for him.

He returned very late at night with an injured tail – for several weeks he looked very foolish with a shaved tail,


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